Hi and welcome to Little Angels! We are thrilled you stopped by, we hope you say a word or two to us so we get to hear your thoughts and if you have any questions, please just ask.


A Little Bit About Us…

NOTE: Thanks to COVID and the recent fire, Little Angels is currently running on half capacity, but we are busy rebuilding and our crèche and feeding scheme that has fed over 400 people most days a week since the start of COVID are up and running. So are many of our programs for youth and adults and more are about to start. 

Little Angels is a community center for children and youth in the township of Hangberg in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s a registered not-for-profit: NPC 2015/373309/08.

The center was set up by Liezl Mathews in 2011, originally as a crèche as she saw a great need to keep children off the streets, away from drugs and troubled family relations. The crèche was meant as an option for families who could not pay the higher fees for a regular crèche.

The crèche soon started accepting children from clients of CARES, a substance misuse rehabilitation day center – they started sending the children of their clients to Little Angels, so that the clients could attend workshops and meetings at CARES.

Today Little Angels looks after approximately 80 children in the crèche at any one time, with many more lining up, wanting to enroll, but due to lack of facilities and an inability to pay staff proper salaries, numbers have had to be capped. The numbers also fluctuate as family situations change.

Apart from providing the children at the crèche with breakfast and lunch, there is also a Feedings Scheme as well as support groups for HIV and aids, and various workshops as well as a youth program that has been running on and off for many years. The Feeding Scheme was set up in 2006 by Liezl and her sister, Jessica Tillings (who has since gone to join the real angels).

If you want to find out why a center like Little Angels is needed in Hangberg, then you can read up about stats, facts and other information here.

If you want to volunteer, then please read more about it here. Donations are also much welcome, not least for the new center and teacher salaries, but also many other things which you can read about here.

Want to stay in touch? Contact Us

Little Angels is a community/educare center in the township of Hangberg in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s a registered not-for-profit business: NPC 2015/373309/08. Please note that Little Angels is not a religious organization and all faiths, colors and races are welcome.


Photo by Ashley Newell

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi. What you are doing is wonderfull. I want to also set up a creche for underprivilidged from all races. I need some help. Can you please give me info how do I go to work. Can I get a doation or support from goverment. There is so many people who can not afford the creche fees whom children has to stay with older siblings or some has to go to work with parents. I want to creatte a place where they will be safe, cared for and learn while parents can go to work without a worry.

  2. hi there I would like to give to charity, need to Know what kids need, really want to sponsor in need this year. thank you Natalie and Michelle.

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