Programs at Little Angels

Current Programs Offered

Crèche 0-6 Year Olds

Currently the crèche at Little Angels serves 60 children, with many more lining up to enroll. Due to need of better facilities and salaries for teachers no more children can be accepted at present.

After School Program 6-12 Year Olds

The after school program is mainly for graduates of the Little Angels crèche who want to participate in activities and receive homework help after school. Due to having poor facilities and no electricity the program has only been operational properly during the summer months, but will as soon as possible be running to full capacity year round. Further resources are also needed to pay for workshop facilitators, excursions, stationary and food.

Youth Program 13-20 Year Olds

The youth program is run by the youth themselves, with the assistance of Jacobus and Maria. The youth meet each other to do homework, for social events, excursions, weekly classes and workshops. The youth also help facilitate the after school program. As with the after care program better facilities and more resources are required to run the program at full capacity. However, once the Nutec building is up, the youth program will start operating properly throughout winter.

The Feeding Scheme

The feeding scheme is led by Jessica Tilings and Liezl under the Hout Bay Christian Social Upliftment Organisation and facilitated at Little Angels. Currently the feeding scheme takes place twice a week for ca. 100 children in Hangberg, some which attend other programs at Little Angels. Ideally this program would need to be held on a daily basis, feeding many more children.

HIV & Aids Support Groups

When the need arises Liezl and Vasti arrange a weekly support group for people who want to learn about HIV, suffer from HIV, or have family or friends suffering from HIV. HIV does not mean death, it simply means you have to actively choose a healthy lifestyle, refrain from drugs and take certain precautions during pregnancy so as to avoid passing it onto your children. In Hangberg, sadly, there’s still stigma associated with HIV and due to drug misuse and poor lifestyle choices many people succumb to aids.

Future Programs

These are programs we are currently busy putting together and raising funds for. They will work to complement and enhance existing programs.

Entrepreneurship Program

We wish to collaborate with existing entrepreneurship schools so as to be able to offer the youth a course in entrepreneurship, computer literacy, leadership and personal finance, so as to enable them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Support Groups and Workshops

To offer support groups and workshops when it comes to parenting, sexual abuse, substance misuse, violence within the home and so forth will enable us to educate not just the youth, but also the parents, which in turn will help the children and youth at Little Angels, as well as Hangberg at large.


Whilst Liezl, Jacobus and Maria are all available for chats, a certain level of counseling and life coaching, the aim is to have coaches available for children with behavioral and learning difficulties, as well as a psychologist, due to what many children and teachers have gone through.

Quarterly Doctors Visits and Yearly Dentist and Optician Visits

The local medical center leaves a lot to be wished for and due to parents’ neglect children don’t always receive the medical attention necessary. Furthermore, regular dental care is often completely neglected and children suffer from rotting teeth. Looking after a child’s eyesight is often also neglected.

Sponsorship Program

A lot of children and youth don’t have money for school uniforms, toiletries and clothing, nor do they have money to attend other schools than Sentinel, where academic and creative arts achievement is below standard. College for many is but a dream as they lack the necessary funding for it. As a result, Little Angels wish to help children who need support with their academic journey, be it the traditional route or a more creative one.


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