Want to help by donating time, or money to us? Brilliant, we truly appreciate it! Please use our Contacts page to get in touch with us about what you want to donate if it’s products or services. You can also make a monetary donation, or donate your time by volunteering.

Little Angels Educare Centre

Bank: FNB

Account number: 62573746751

Branch Code: 250655


IBAN: ZA0625065562573746751

Bank Address: FNB, The Village Gate, Hout Bay Main Road, Hout Bay, Cape Town, 7806, South Africa

Little Angels’s REG NO: NPC 2015/373309/08

Please also note that Little Angels is not a religious organization and all faiths colors and races are welcome.

Little Angels survives thanks to donations from private individuals and organizations. Throughout the years different people have helped us out with different things. Many times the donations are not monetary, but rather people stop by with enough ingredients to make lunch for a month (please not ewe follow dietary requirements from the city), they donate some blankets, or they offer to help fix a leaking roof. We are, however, in desperate need of continuous, long-term support for the different programs we offer, as well as support to be able to help pay staff as they are currently living in poverty, often unable to cover basic needs for themselves. We also need money towards building – we are currently busy working with the world renowned architects at U-TT to transform Little Angels into a sustainable eco-center that can serve the community in Hangberg in the long run (see our Vision). Our lives will be a lot easier when we have a building that serves what we do, as opposed to working out of too small shacks with no electricity. It will enable us to operate our programs to full capacity and protect us from the cold and dark of winter.

If you wish you can Contact Us to talk about what you wish to donate to specifically, or if you simply donate, the money will be spent to cover the most immediate costs (usually food, repairs, nappies, stationary, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, teacher salaries, etc.). You can also discuss if you have old toys, clothes, laptops, etc. that you wish to donate.

We are also looking for businesses who can donate or  give us discount on things we need, such as food, cleaning supplies and stationary.

If you choose to donate we are happy to talk to you about how we can show our thanks. Maybe we can provide articles about it if you have a Newsletter, feature you on our Blog, have the kids send you some drawings and take photos of how the money is spent/the things donated used. If you wish to donate towards a specific cause and receipts are needed, we can provide those.

Thank you for your interest in Little Angels and we hope you stop by for a chat!



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