Liezl Mathews

Jacobus Mathews

Board (the Decision Makers)

Liezl Mathews

Jacobus Mathews

Louise Van Bala

Maria Sjögren Montgomery

Advisory Committee

Peter Dutton

Tim Smith

Keith Bull

Vasti De Villiers

Management Team (Day-to-Day Operations within the Organization)

Liezl Mathews (The Boss)

Jacobus Mathews (The Supervisor)

Maria Sjögren Montgomery (The Communicator & Organizer)

Louise Van Bala (The Chief Financial Officer)

Bernadette Dutton (Volunteer for Bookkeeping)


Jessica Tillings


Liezl Mathews (Principal)

Magdelene Steeneberg (Vice Principal)

Melissa Jensen (Teacher)

Shaney Van Neel (Teacher)

Stacey Lee Adams (Teacher)

Jacobus Mathews (Youth Leader)

Maria Sjögren Montgomery (Youth Leader)

Building Team 

Jacobus Mathews (Supervisor/Team Leader)

Tony Florence (Project Manager)

Greg Eeekhout (Contractor and Advisor)

Prof. Alfredo Brillembourg (Conceptual Architect)

Daniel Wills (Conceptual Architect)

Nicholas Pinfold (Surveyor)

Alan Hendrie (Engineer)

Architecture Students from ETH Zürich (Volunteers)


Debora Di Maio (Fundraiser)

Wianélle Briers (Spokesperson)

Greg Eeekhout (Building Advisor)

All Out Africa (supplies volunteers from all over the world to help out at the center for short periods of time)

Peter Dutton (Fundraiser)

Tim Smith (Fundraiser)

Keith Bull (Fundraiser)

Bernadette Dutton (Bookkeeping)

Members of the community, often seniors, also help out with cooking and cleaning.

Management – Day-to-Day Operations

Liezl Mathews – the Boss

Before setting up Little Angels Liezl was working as co-ordinator in Hangberg for the Monwabizi Women’s Organisation. She was in charge of providing support to and monitoring vulnerable people in Hangberg – people affected by illness in the family, abuse, substance misuse, HIV & AIDS and criminality. Liezl was also appointed the co-ordinator for HIV and AIDS training in Hangberg. She has trained in HIV and aids care and prevention, understanding fetal alcohol syndrome, understanding and working with drug abuse and how to work with children going through grief and loss. After starting Little Angels she went to Cape Town College, graduating with NQ Level 4 in Early Childhood Development. In 2006 Liezl and Jessica started the Feeding Scheme under the Hout Bay Christian Social Upliftment Organsation, which is an organization Liezl set up. Then, in 2015 she launched the Proudly Hout Bay Women’s Forum to help women reclaim their lives and the streets. She was recently appointed to handle the Social Development portfolio for Hangberg.

Jacobus Mathews – the Supervisor 

Jacobus has trained as a Pastor. He used to work as a grief and trauma  counsellor for Community Cohesion and also worked for the local high school, providing life skills for teens. He’s volunteered for several other organizations, providing community support. He’s currently working part-time for Thula Thula, another charity organization in Hout Bay.

Maria Sjögren Montgomery – the Communicator & Organizer

Maria studied acting and directing at the Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, Camera and Lighting at City Varsity in Cape Town and producing at UCLA in Los Angeles. She also received a certificate in life coaching. In other words, she can turn your life into a Hollywood blockbuster with a guaranteed happy ending and a franchise opportunity. In her professional career she’s worked as a PA to the CEO of an equity company, as a sales manager for the UK’s largest online contemporary art gallery, Eyestorm, and as a freelance creative, focusing on writing, directing and marketing. She’s currently busy launching her first social enterprise, Magique, which creates date night gift baskets and date night experiences for couples in Cape Town and Los Angeles.

Management – Finances

Louise Van Bala

Louise is a chartered accountant and has a long experience in doing accounting both for smaller enterprises and charities, as well as large corporations. She’s currently, in addition to doing the finances for Little Angels, supporting Thula Thula.

Bernadette Dutton

Born and raised in France, Bernadette later moved to England and from there to South Africa. Bernadette is a retired Montessori teacher and used to do the bookkeeping for her husband’s company, Contingency Film and Entertainment, and has for the past couple of years worked with various charities and is a volunteer Rotarian.

Advisory Committee

Peter Dutton

President of the Rotary Club of Hout Bay (for the second time, we might add), as well as the owner of Contingency Film and Entertainment, specializing in claim management and contingency risks in the film industry, Peter knows a lot about management and charity work.

Tim Smith

Another Rotary member, Tim comes from a background as a minister and has run the Catholic Health Care Association in the past and is now the Director of Breadline Africa, an international not for profit organization which raises funds in Europe and uses them them to develop projects in Southern Africa.

Keith Bull

With a Masters of Science Degree Keith is a qualified engineer who has worked both as a Managing Director for WSP International Ltd and as the Director of Transportation for Halcrow & Partners. He has since retired and focuses on his work with Rotary Totnes, where he actively raises funds to support various projects.

Vasti De Villiers

Vasti comes from a background in business and entrepreneurship and spends a lot of her time doing charity work, including facilitating HIV support groups and support groups for people who are recovering from drug misuse.

Building Team

Tony Florence

Tony has an extensive background working with social enterprise and charity. He’s currently a developer and designer for social enterprises at the Envirochoice Social Enterprise Factory in Cape Town. Envirochoice provides project management services to corporates and government departments. One of their specialities is developing green buildings. Previously Tony has worked as a co-ordinator for the People to People Knowledge Exchange and as a Director for CRO. He has won the Ashoka award for social entrepreneurship.

Prof. Alfredo Brillembourg

Alfredo holds a Master of Science degree in Architectural Design from Columbia University and another degree in Architecture from the Central University of Venezuela. Alfredo and Hubert Klumpner hold the chair for Architecture and Urban Design at the Swiss Institute of Technology (Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule, ETH) in Zürich. They are also the co-founders of the interdisciplinary design firm Urban-Think Tank (U-TT). The firm won the 2010 Ralph Erskine Award, the 2011 Holcim Gold Award for Latin America, the 2012 Holcim Global Silver Award for innovative contributions to ecological and social design practices and the 2012 Venice Biennale of Architecture Golden Lion.

Daniel Wills

Daniel is an architect and researcher and has been a part of U-TT since 2013. As a graduate of The Cooper Union, his work investigates rural and urban issues through ecological systems thinking in regards to food, landscape, and water. With U-TT, he has developed projects such as the Xarranca Pavilion, Swissnex Parklet, and Empower Shack. He also coordinates U-TT teaching activities at ETH Zurich.

Greg Eeekhout

Greg is the owner and founder of CTW Construction Group. He has many years of experience working on buildings in the Cape Town area and has previously worked with U-TT as a contractor for their Empower Shack project in Khayelitsha.

Nicholas Pinfold

Nicholas holds a B.Tech in Surveying from the Cape Peninsular University of Technology, a B Honours in Spatial Planning from the University of the Free State and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning, also from the University of the Free State. His professional career has, amongst other things, included working as a surveyor for David Hellig & Abrahamse Land Surveyors, Tritan Surveyors and Tarboton Holder and Ross Land Surveyors. He’s currently a lecturer in Town and Regional Planning at the Cape Peninsular University of Technology. Awards he’s won most recently include the Geospatial World Forum Excellence Award for ‘Application of Geospatial Technology in Urban Planning’ for the Flamingo Crescent Informal Settlement Community Engagement/Service-Learning Project’ in 2015 and the Best Conference Paper Award at the Geospatial World Forum Conference in Geneva in 2014.


Debora Di Maio

Working as an event manager in Zürich, Debora is also a yoga teacher interested in personal wellbeing. She supports several charities in her spare time and does yoga classes for children in need. She came to Little Angels in 2016 to help out for a couple of weeks and also did fundraising. She continues to fundraise for Little Angels in Switzerland.

Wianélle Briers

Wianélle has a BTech Photography degree from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and works as an architectural photographer, taking commissions from various magazines, architects, estate agents and contractors. She also does fine art photography for hotels, guest houses and private persons. In addition to her work in photography Wianélle is a director for Trailarent, where she deals with anything related to HR. Her knowledge of business and client relations as well as a keen eye for detail and a big heart, makes Wianélle a great spokesperson for Little Angels.


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