Currently, we operate a crèche and a feeding program; over the years we’ve sometimes opened our doors to youth and after-care children, but currently we do not have funds to operate those programs. Below you find our vision.

Our vision is to serve a person from when they are born until they become self-sufficient; by providing support and guidance along the way fostering a new generation of leaders who can think for themselves and make educated decisions regarding their life, as well as their community.

By having a crèche, an after care program (after school) and youth program we are able to support kids from that they are born till they become adults. This way we can provide the support structure the family doesn’t always provide; giving them the tools they need to grow, develop and become responsible adults. By offering a feeding scheme we can ensure they receive nutrition and by offering workshops and counseling about everything from HIV to parenting, we can also serve the community at large, which in turn will support the children and youth.

As the youth is also very involved in giving back to the community, it fosters bonds between individuals, helping to strengthen the community and the spirit within the community. The youth is also involved in working across borders; involving kids in other townships and, in the future, communicating with youth in other countries.

It is our intention to one day be able to provide scholarships for our children and youth, so as to ensure they have the financial means necessary for great education, as well as the necessities for survival, such as hygiene products, clothing and food.

It’s our vision to create a fully operational community center inclusive not just of classrooms/workshop rooms and counseling rooms, but also a sports/theatre hall and a safe house for women and children. A center built with sustainability in mind; teaching the importance of making decisions that serve not just you, but those around you, as well as taking into account long term effects. A center where people can come together and build a better future for Hangberg and South Africa.


End of Year Show at the Local Community Hall

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