What We Need Help with Right Now

Thank you for your interest in helping us.

There is a separate Donations Page where you find out bank account details and a page about Volunteering at Little Angels. We often accept volunteers from abroad, as well as people from the local community who have an hour or two to spare during the week. Below you will find things we are in need of right now.

The best thing to donate is always money as we can use it to fill any gap there is at the moment. You can then talk to us to know how the money is being spent. However, if you feel you have something at home to give, or want to give something specific, below are some ideas.

  • Food Baskets for the Teachers – the teachers are paid very little and therefore lack funds to support themselves. Poor diet leads to them being lethargic and often sick. Food, vitamins and omega supplements would be welcomed at any time.
  • Clothing Coupons – again, the teachers struggle to make ends meet and receiving coupons for clothes and shoes in a  local store for them and their families would be brilliant.
  • Nappies and Wipes – basically, we need hygiene articles for babies at any one time. It helps us cut our monthly expenses.
  • Pots and Pans and Storage Solutions for Food – these are always needed, as is a top up of cutlery for the kids, knives, plastic glasses, plastic plates, etc.
  • Dry Cleaning – we desperately need to clean blankets and mattresses a lot more often than they are currently being cleaned.
  • Educational Toys and Stationary – proper workbooks for the older kids, educational toys, play dough, paper to paint on, paints, crayons…
  • Cleaning Materials – eco-friendly and hypo allergenic cleaning supplies as well as hypo allergenic disinfectants are always in need, as are bin bags and toilet paper.
  • A Big First Aid Kit – we have a first aid kit, but as we do use the supplies when kids injury themselves, more is always welcome.
  • Blankets and Towels – we currently have enough blankets, but they wear out quickly and there are always new kids coming. Also, some kids freeze at home in winter and we would love to send them home with a blanket. Towels to dry the kids’ hands and sometimes bigger ones as we have to wash them, would be lovely.
  • Clothes – ideally we would arrange a nice Little Angels uniform for the kids and youth as they often show up dirty at creche, or simply don’t have clothes. Some kids show up in slippers in winter, at times youth leaders haven’t had gym shoes for an excursion, or no underwear.
  • Electricity – we just installed electricity and have to pay for it, so help towards this is greatly appreciated. Contact us to get our meter number.
  • Photocopies – for the young kids and after school kids we photocopy worksheets and for the youth material for their classes. Making flyers, business cards, etc. is also greatly needed. Currently we have no funds for this. A gift card at Office National in Hout Bay where we have an account would be most welcome.
  • Money for Outings – we would love to raise money for a Little Angels van that we can use for outings, but in the meantime, just having some money to take the kids and youth on excursions would be great – both for transport and money for the actual excursions. Showing the kids and youth a world outside the township is great and for the older kids doing weekends away are brilliant for them to relax and get away from home. Just being able to go to a museum, hike up Table Mountain, or go to the movies is a lovely getaway though. Also, sometimes we have meetings with other organizations, we want to do marketing by attending radio shows, etc., but there is, again, no funds for transport.
  • Internships – during school holidays the youth would love to get out and build life and work skills at a workplace. For this companies offering internships as well as an ability to pay for transport is necessary.
  • Laptops, iPads, stereo, DVD player and TV/projector to use it – the things we could do educationally if we had proper laptops or iPads are amazing. There are so many teaching tools out there. An ability to host movie nights for the youth and let after school kids watch movies one afternoon per week would also be great. A stereo, or speakers for the volunteer’s laptops would be great for dance classes.
  • New Facilities – we’re working with renowned architect Alfredo Brillembourg and our project manager for the building, Tony Florence, in collaboration with universities in Zürich and Cape Town, as well as architectural firms to turn Little Angels into an sustainable educare center. We’ve raised funds to start this project, but we are building it step by step as we don’t have funds for everything we need to build in one go. More funds would be greatly appreciated. Drawings will be available as of January 2016.
  • Volunteers/Staff – we are in need of another youth co-ordinator who can help facilitate the youth program and workshop leaders who can come in and host classes for either the youth or younger kids. We are also looking for an in-house fundraiser who can help us contact organizations and businesses and structure partnerships.
  • Workshops and Outings – if you can arrange for the youth to spend a day at a gym, for the teachers to have a weekend away, for an excursion to Table Mountain, a circus workshop for the little ones, or a theater performance for the after school kids, we’d love to hear from you. We are grateful for any educational or relaxing experience you can supply.
  • Salaries – we know this may be far away in the future, but to be able to supply some sort of better compensation, starting with the teachers and eventually paying all staff, would be a miracle.
  • Exchange Programs and Penpal Programs with Schools – we would love to put the youth leaders at Little Angels in touch with children from other schools, both children in Cape Town whom they could meet and children abroad whom they could exchange letters with. It’s important to open doors, build bridges and increase awareness. Friendships count. Knowing you’re not alone counts.
  • Sponsor a Child – most of the children and youth at Little Angels are in desperate need of support – clothes, food, educational materials, a chance to see what’s outside of Hangberg, money to attend a good school and simply a friend to talk to from outside the family. If you want to sponsor a child long term, talk to us.


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